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Face Sport Racing- Enthusiast Group/Race Team

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Face Sport Racing- Enthusiast Group/Race Team

Postby TheOrteganator » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:54 pm

My best friend Joe and I started a "crew" as he calls it (I'm going to slap him..) but anyway yeah pretty much just an enthusiast group for cars in general and a ghetto-ass race team. Obviously we're not a race team as in legit with dedicated cars and stuff, but we're running under the FSR name at all our track events and drift competitions and hopefully more eventually. Anyway you guys are all welcome to join and makes pages for you cars as well. When I get around to it I'll make a FSR forum for us too. If you guys want to join our unofficial group I think it would be cool for us to all attend the meets Joe and I plan to set up for all kinds of cars, not just Z's and stupid M3's. :D

That's the main club page, Joe, Jess (Joe's GF), and my pages are linked on the right side.
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