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Wanted: 87-89 Z31

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Wanted: 87-89 Z31

Postby inquiZtor31 » Mon Sep 21, 2009 7:44 am

If this belongs in the CLASSIFIED, please move it.

Yes, seeking a 87-89 Z31 .. not to purchase, but to borrow.

Why? Development work for an IMPROVED TBO-style front spoiler.

Huh? Unless you're a z31 enthusiast, it probably doesn't matter. But - long story short. A TBO-style spoiler was developed a few years ago, by Gary Molitor It was based on a mold of an original TBO spoiler. Gary wants to improve on that design (address some shortcomings of the original design) to address some "fitment" issues. He needs a car to finalize the design/development.

The offer? You leave your 87-89 Z31 with him for a short time period (at least 1-weekend). You get a FREE "New version TBO" spoiler.

His current spoiler (TBO-style) retails for around $200.00 ... er_lip.htm

If interested .. contact Gary via his website information, or let me know (via PM) and I'll put you in contact with Gary.
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