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Z problems

Postby tougedrifter » Tue Jan 27, 2009 9:08 pm

Hi, today my alternator just die (i think), and I got other problems wonder if you guys are familiar with. First, just to make sure that it is my alternator is dead, I am gonna tell the story. I drove to DIxon landing fine until I parked, after eating I can't start my car, so I have my friend jump it, and it run fine. And once I parked somewhere else, I can't start it again, so I have it jump, but this time, as i start jumping, it want to turn off, and it make loud poping sound everytime I let go of the gas. Battery is about 3months old from Autozone, I am thinking the connection to battery is bad, it look bad at least. I will try to get pic tomorrow. Here are some other problems: whenever I brake hard over 65mph, I stall, like if I go downhill and start braking hard, my car would stall, and then whenever I cold start or cold out, it seem to make loud CRANNNNNKK sound and take several try to start, at one point I took about 8min, and lastly, there is this squeaking noise coming from my engine (seem like a belt) whenever it is cold out, and when it is warm, nothing happens. Anything or suggestion would help, thank you.
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